How to: Export RIMMF records

There are a number of methods that you can use for exporting RIMMF records in a variety of formats–as:

  • MARC
  • RDF
  • XML

Export a single Entity record

From an entity (Work, Expression, Manifestation, Item, Person, Family, or Corporate Body) record:

Export MARC


Export RDF

Export RIMMF

RIMMF records are simple text files, so you don't need to export them, you just need to know the name of the text file (which is the RIMMF Identifier for the record) and its location on your computer (usually in the RIMMF3 data file at ‘\Documents\RIMMF3\data’).

Export a set of records from a Manifestation record

From a Manifestation record:

Export RIMMF

  • Options| RDA Record sets | Save all … As Zip (RIMMF)

Export RDF

From the Entity Index:

Export RDF | Export MARC | Export XML

From an R-Tree:

Export RIMMF | Export RDF | Export MARC | Export XML

  • Select records to be exported
  • <Export>
  • For details, see the R-Tree Export Option

Export a folder of records

To export an entire folder of records you can use the Entity Index.

Export RIMMF | Export RDF | Export MARC | Export XML

  • Open the Entity Index <Ctrl+E>
  • Click the <Export> down arrow
    • Click on <Select All>
  • Click the <Export> down arrow again
    • Choose <Zip (Rimmf, ie. R-ball)>
  • Click the <Export> button
  • Enter a filename, or accept the one provided
  • Click <OK>
  • Find the file on your Desktop
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