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* New to RIMMF3

This option can only be used when you are in a Manifestation record.

Quick Steps

In a Manifestation record:

  • Choose <File | Export to RDF>; or
  • Enter <Shift+F9>
Exported records are saved in your RIMMF3 data folder, 
  in a folder called 'exports'
Exported files are named
  the RIMMF Identifier of the Manifestation record, 
  with the extension: '.nt'


This option, invoked in an entity record:

  • converts the entity data to RDF
  • saves the result as a file:
    • named: the RIMMF Identifier of the record, with the extension: '.nt' (e.g., qpq00002482.nt)
    • in your RIMMF3 data folder called 'exports'


  • Current record

  • In the Exports folder:

  • Looking like this:

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