Using RIMMF. Tutorial #10, Import a Bib record when you know it has a NAF record for its Work

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about importing an LC Bib record as a RIMMF Manifestation record when you know that it has a Work NAF record.

We are not quite ready to match on incoming NAF records that might already be in the EI, so, for the time being, you have to import known NAF Work and Expression Authority records first, and then import the Bib record for the Manifestation, and make sure that they link correctly.


Alternate: Use a pre-built folder

If you want to jump to this tutorial without doing the previous tutorials, follow the "Download Web Folder" instructions and download the following folder from our website:

If you intend to use this file to proceed through the remaining tutorials, 
  remember that it is located in your '\RIMMF3\imports\zip' folder.

Find and View the Manifestation Record for Importing

  • <F3>
  • Change the Search Source to '[BIB] Title'
  • Search: green dolphin street
Notice that this retrieves 341 hits (as of last checking)
--this count is given to the right of the Search button--
you can proceed through the hits, 15 at a time, until you get to 
the Goudge books (at about 250)
or you can try a different search
  • Change the Search Source to '[BIB] Any'
  • Search: green dolphin street goudge
  • Select the print Coward-McCann 1944 publication (the one without [microform] as the GMD)
  • Click <View MARC>
Notice that the record has a 240. 
Anytime a Bib record has a 130 or a 240, it means that
  a Work or Expression Authority record should be available.
Do not import the Bib, in this case, until you have imported
  the Work and, if available, the Expression.

Find and Import the NAF Work Record

  • Change Search Source to [NAF]N/T
  • Change the search to: Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Green Dolphin Country
Notice that we are using the uniform title for this Name/Title search
  instead of the variant title.

We could do this search using the [ID]NAF (default);
  try it, to see how that works
  • Change: “Country” to “Street
  • Change Search Source to: [ID]NAF
  • <Search>
We get no hits

Now try searching the variant title in this default source
  • Change Search Source back to [NAF]N/T
  • <Search>
We get a hit.

[ID]NAF does not search variant titles. So it is usually better
  to use [NAF]N/T for any Name/Title searches.
You can also search titles alone, in [NAF]N/T
  and will sometimes get the hit you want. 
  • Change the search to just: Green Dolphin Street
  • <Search>
But if you know the proper heading to search,
  then searching [ID]NAF is your best bet,
  because that will show you any Expressions
  that are available for the Work.
  • Change Search Source to: [ID]NAF
  • Search: Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Green Dolphin Country
  • Select the Work: Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Green Dolphin Country
  • <View MARC>
  • <Import>
  • Click on the <Import> button
    • Select <Selected records>
    • <OK>
  • Go to the EI <Ctrl+E>
In the MARC Authority world, this Work record
  for Green Dolphin Country is probably intended
  to do double-duty as a Work and Expression,
  but we do not make that assumption when importing a Work;
  so only the Work imported.
Now we can import the Manifestation we found earlier

Import the Bib record

  • <F3>
  • Change the Search Source to '[BIB]Any'
  • Search: green dolphin street goudge
  • Select the print Coward-McCann version
  • Click <View MARC>
  • <Import>
Notice that the Author and Work are unchecked,
  we have them both already,
  and RIMMF will be creating the Expression record
  from data in the NAF Work record
  AND data in the Bib record.
  • Click on the <Import> button
    • Select <Selected records>
    • <OK>
  • Go to the EI
  • Open the newly imported Expression record (Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Green Dolphin Country. Text. English)
  • Click <R-Tree>
  • Expand the Work heading

End this Tutorial

  • Close everything

If you are finished playing with RIMMF for now, close RIMMF. If you want to proceed, go to Tutorial #11

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