Current program menus

Note: the option names highlighted in red below are saved each time the program closes.

File menu

  • Open|F3 - load a template into the editor
  • Save - save the current template (Be careful! recommend using 'Save As' until you have tested a reload)
  • Save As|F2 - save the current template to a different filename
  • The last file opened will appear at the bottom of this menu to facilitate a quick restart

If you have edited a master set to the point where it will no longer load :-(, you can retrieve a fresh copy of it from the 'defaults' folder1)

Edit menu

  • <html>Template mode</html> - Edit a template (assumes no data entry)
  • <html>Record mode</html> - Create a record (assumes no changes to template)
  • Hide empty fields - TBA; in Record mode, remove rows that do not contain data entry
  • Search bar|F4 - open (or close) the search panel at the bottom of the window

View menu

  • Expand/Collapse All - Fully expand (or collpase) the RIMMF hierarchy
  • <html>Expand By Level</html> - expand the grid to a precise level
  • <html>Highlight by level</html> - Experimental - change the font, style, etc., slightly for each level
  • <html>Gridlines</html> - Enable the display of gridlines; this may make it easier to see what you are doing
  • <html>Wordwrap</html> - Turn on wordwrap in either or both of the 'RDA Element' and 'Text' columns. Note: recommend only doing this in the text column, and using the mouseover on the RDA column to view the complete caption.
  • Restore view defaults - Reset the following column settings: visibility, order, width, sorted.


  • <html>Brief captions</html> - Show only brief captions (the complete caption will be shown when the mouse hovers over an 'RDA Element' cell). Note there are two caption columns; one contains the complete RDA caption and the other contains a brief version of it.
  • <html>Check lists on startup</html> - Goto and refresh all value lists when the program starts
  • <html>Font</html> - Change the Font on the form
  • Un-Tree - Use in Template mode if you want to see all of the columns for branch (or group) nodes; this option will try to flatten the tree into a grid, so to speak.
  • Renumber nodes - Programmer's use only (will be removed once its debugged)


  • <html>One-click help</html> - if selected simply clicking on an RDA Element caption will browse to the rule for that element (if there is one); otherwise, the browser will only launch when you press <F1>. Note: one-click Help will browse to the rule–if one exists–even if no rule is visible in the RDA Rule column (as for group/branch nodes)
  • <html>Use built-in browser</html> - if selected the program will use its own browser window for RDA Help. This may eliminate problems with the RDA Toolkit messages about 'subscription limit' reached, as the built-in browser always loads each page into the same window. If using the built-in browser, use the 'Next/Prev' buttons at the bottom of the form to navigate through your history list; the arrow buttons from the toolkit (at the top of the page) do not work inside this frame.
C:\Program Files\TMQ\RIMMF\defaults
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