Using RIMMF. Tutorial #18, Export a MARC Bib record for a WEMI set

In this tutorial, we are going to export a set of records for a resource (Work, Expression, Manifestation, and any linked Person, Family or Corporate Body records) as a MARC Bib record.

This export is being done on a set that we created from scratch, using Build WEM, but will work the same for any set of RIMMF records.

You can also export individual Work, Expression, Person, Family, or Corporate Body records as MARC Authority records.

Be aware that we are still working on mapping RIMMF RDA to MARC, and so you will have to edit the MARC results, to a greater or lesser degree depending how far along we are with the mapping for any given issue.


Alternate: Use a pre-built folder

If you want to jump to this tutorial without doing the previous tutorials, follow the "Download Web Folder" instructions and download the following folder from our website:

If you intend to use this file to proceed through the remaining tutorials, 
  remember that it is located in your '\RIMMF3\imports\zip' folder.

Find the record to export

  • Open the Manifestation record that you want to export:
    • Find: The valley of song. Coward-McCann. [1952]. Volume
    • Open the record


  • Choose: Options | MARC (Mapped) View <Ctrl+M>
This displays a text view of how the resulting MARC Bib record will look.

Export MARC

Although it looks like nothing happened,
  (except that the RIMMF ID and the Composite Key heading for the record
  now has "+MARC" attached at the end)
  the MARC Bib record was exported to your 'RIMMF3' folder 
  in a subfolder called 'exports'; 
  named with the RIMMF Identifier of the Manifestation.
  • Find the MARC record and open it in some sort of MARC software, for editing either before or after you import it to your ILS
If you export a Work, Expression, Person, Family, or Corporate Body 
  RIMMF record to MARC, it will create a MARC Authority record.

Send to MARC Report

If you have a copy of our MARC Report software:

This exports the MARC Bib record to your 'RIMMF3' folder 
  in a subfolder called 'exports'; 
  named with the RIMMF Identifier of the Manifestation;
  and opens the record in a MARC tagged template,
  ready for editing. 

End this Tutorial

  • Close everything

If you are finished playing with RIMMF for now, close RIMMF. If you want to proceed, go to Tutorial #19

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