RIMMF Structure

RIMMF is designed around the structure of the RDA instructions in the RDA Toolkit (TK).

The TK Element Set View (ESV) lists the various FRBR Entities separately, so RIMMF does the same:

The ESV groups RDA data elements into “Attributes” and “Relationships”, so RIMMF does the same:

Moving from the ESV to the RDA guidelines themselves, the Table of Contents (TOC) breaks the Attributes into different categories, e.g., Attributes for identifying the manifestation vs. Attributes for describing carriers for the manifestation, so RIMMF does the same

The TOC lists the elements that apply under the various Attribute and Relationship categories, and provides subelements where necessary, so RIMMF does the same, e.g., as shown in the Manifestation entity record here

Opening an entity record (either new or existing) a cataloger can enter text in the Text boxes provided, and can link to actual RDA instructions, by clicking on an RDA Rule (a subscription to the RDA Toolkit is necessary for this option). Pull down/type ahead lists of vocabulary terms are provided, where applicable, to save time looking things up and to save typing

We hope that this approach, will guide a cataloger through 'RDA thinking' to provide data elements that describe and provide access to resources.

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