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The first time you install RIMMF, a form pops up asking you to set your record prefix. This is important, and is the only required Setup option in RIMMF (i.e., RIMMF should not allow you to proceed without adding this prefix).

You should do this to make your RIMMF Identifiers (RIDs) unique, as far as it is possible to do so. You will eventually find yourself wanting to share your records with others, and we must have unique RIDs to make that possible.

RIMMF automatically assigns sequential numbers to records created in each installation of the software. So the numbering of records that I create on my desktop, starts at '00000001', and the numbering of records that I create on my laptop also starts at '00000001'. The only way to differentiate these records is by the record prefix. So on my desktop I use one prefix, and on my laptop I use a different prefix. This allows me to copy records from my desktop folder of RIMMF data to my laptop folder of RIMMF data and vv. without overwriting any of those records.

If you are at a complete loss for what to do for a prefix, simply enter your OCLC code, followed by a dash, followed by your initials–that should be enough to uniquely identify your records in most cases.

See RIMMF Terminology | Concepts | Record Prefix for more details about what you can include in a prefix.

Without a unique record prefix, we would be unable to share our records with other users.

The purpose of this setup option is to allow you to add a prefix to your RIMMF Identifiers (RIDs) now, if you did not do so at the time of installation.

If you have already set up a prefix, and for some reason need to change it, you can also do that here. Just enter the new prefix in the box.

If you want to change a prefix that has been used in your records, follow one of the links below:

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