How to: Add Subject data to a record

Subject data is automatically mapped from a MARC Bib record when RIMMF has to create the Work data as part of the import process.

But you can also add subject data when Work data is already in the EI, you just have to do it manually, so you have to know a bit about how we map subject data from MARC Bib records:

  • 050 = LCC:
    • without Cutter
  • 082 = DCC:
    • without edition number
  • 655 $2 [code] = [code]: (e.g., $2 gsafd = gsafd: )
  • 6XX_0 = LCSH:
    • change $v$x$y$z to space-hyphenhyphen-space (e.g., Families – Fiction)
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