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There are two ways to install/use RIMMF.

The first way, referred to as the 'Flash drive installation', is to unzip the RIMMF files onto a usb flash drive or memory card, and then run the program from that device. In this case, no icon is added to the desktop (though this is easy to do on your own), and all user data will be saved to the flash media. Unlike a standard windows installation, this option does not require access to administrative privileges on the computer at any time.

The other method, referred to as the 'Standard installation' below, is to let Windows install the program. This method adds an icon for the program to the desktop, and saves all user data into the My Documents folder. During the installation process this method requires access to administrative privileges on the computer.

Do not use both installation methods on the same computer. Doing this may create a great deal of confusion for you, as–if both installations are present–RIMMF will tries to default to the data folders used by the 'Standard' installation, even when you start it from a flash drive.


Here are a few notes to keep in mind if RIMMF is already installed, and you are updating your version of the program. If you have anything you want to save, backup your current RIMMF installation (eg., for a standard install, make a copy of My Documents\RIMMF; for a zip install, make a copy of the installation folder).

If you are using the 'Flash drive installation', use these steps to update:

  1. Download the zip installer using the link below
  2. Extract the program to the same folder as you originally did
  3. When asked to confirm file replacement, respond 'Yes to all'

If you are using the 'Standard installation', just run the installer and everything will be handled for you.

Either way, no records, templates, or customizations will be changed or deleted. The first time the program starts, you may be prompted to update the default tables. For best results, accept this prompt.

For more details about changes to the tables during an update, please check here.


Flash drive installation

  1. Open this link: Link to the zip installer
  2. Save the file (setupRimmf1.zip) to your flash drive/memory card
  3. When the download completes, Right-click on the file setupRimmf1.zip
  4. Select the option 'Extract here' or 'Extract all'1)
  5. To add a desktop icon, right-click on the application 'rimmf' and select 'Send to desktop'
  6. To start the program, double-click on the icon or the application 'rimmf'

Standard windows installation

  1. Save the file (setupRimmf1.exe) to your desktop (or another easy-to-remember location)
  2. When the download completes, double-click on the file 'setupRimmf1.exe'
  3. Respond to all prompts in the installation dialog
  4. To start the program, double-click on the desktop icon

Once the program is installed, the first time you open it, you will have to setup your record prefix, and then you will be ready to start RIMMFing resources. Here is some more info on starting the program for the first time.

You might also find this brief [flash player] tutorial helpful as a starting place: RIMMFing a Resource

Hopefully, you will also find the User Guide useful as you learn about RIMMF functionality. If you get stuck, send us an email:

Installation notes

For detailed notes on installation please use this link.

we recommend that you extract the archive to a new folder instead of an existing folder; the default extraction folder will be 'setupRimmf1'
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