Check for Updates

This is version 1 of the software, so please be prepared for something that isn't perfect and is a bit rough around the edges.

We are also still making changes to the program.

But, instead of waiting for this constant evolution to end, which seems to always be about to arrive at the destination but never quite does, we have decided to just draw the line and 'put it out there'.

In the meantime, we will keep trying to improve the program with new ideas and your suggestions.

You can check for the latest update by using the menu option under the Help menu in the program itself:

If you have the most recent version, you will be told “You have the most recent version”

If you do not have the most recent version, you will be told which version is currently available, and given the option to see the details of the changes in the new version:

If you click <Yes> you will be taken directly to the wiki page describing the changes for this version; this page also provides a link to the Download page; follow the instructions there to download and install the new version.

If you click <No> you can proceed directly to the Download page, without checking for the changes.

You can learn more about our updating process in our “Learn about … ” section, under RIMMF Updates

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