RIMMF Presentations

Where to see RIMMF in action?

The best place, of course, is to see RIMMF working on on your own computer, by downloading the software and using it.

RIMMF is featured in our Rudimentary RDA workshop (check the workshop schedule)

Sometimes we also do free RIMMF presentations for libraries. These presentations run from about 1 to 2 hours–depending on how much time is available.

Upcoming presentations

Archived presentations

Past presentations

  • *ALA Midwinter in Seattle**
  • ALA Annual Conference; “US National Libraries RDA Forum”, June 2012
  • National Library of Finland, Helsinki, May 2012
  • National Library of Serbia, Belgrade, May 2012
  • National and University Library of Croatia, Zagreb, May 2012
  • Austrian Library Network Conference, Salzburg, May 2012
  • Biblioteca Nacional de España, Madrid, May 2012
  • Deutsche Nationalbibliothek, Frankfurt, May 2012
  • British National Library, April 2012
  • Library of Congress, “Digital Future And You” series, March 2012
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