Change RIMMF Identifier prefixes in a file

Do NOT do this if you have multiple prefixes in a file, e.g., if you have copied records from another source into your database. This should only be run on a file where every RIMMF Identifier, including links, has the same prefix.

  1. If the change you want to make is to a file that is not your default file: make the file your default data file, temporarily (rename your real default ('data') file something else, and name the file you want to work on 'data', to make it the temporary default), and open it; otherwise (if you want to change the prefix in your default file) just open your default file
  2. Go to Tools | Setup | Record prefix
  3. Change the prefix (don't forget to check that it is unique)
  4. Save
  5. Click <OK>
  6. Click <Yes> in reply to “Run record updater?”
  7. Open the EI to see the change

This will change the prefix for ALL of the RIDs in the file (including links) but leave the numbers untouched. So do NOT use this to bring the records over to your default file, it will mess up your internal numbering. If you want to bring shared records into your own file, just copy them, with their original prefixes.

If this was a change to a file that was not your default file:

  • Before you close RIMMF:
    • Go to Tools | Setup | Record prefix
    • Change the prefix back to your 'real' prefix
    • Save
    • Click <OK>
    • Click <No> in reply to “Run record updater?”
  • When you are finished changing the prefix in the temporary default file, don't forget to change its filename back to its original name, and change the name of your default file from its temporary name back to its default name 'data'
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