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What does it mean? RIMMF stands for “RDA in Many Metadata Formats”. We call it this because it is our understanding that RDA data should be entered in a (deceptively) simple form (with lots of help provided underneath to make it simple) and that data should then be exported in whatever format suits whoever wants to use it: RDF, XML, even MARC, and …

What is it? RIMMF is:

  • a visualization tool for catalogers, to help them to get used to thinking of RDA, instead of thinking AACR/MARC.
  • a cataloging training tool, to help educators teach RDA thinking (which is an implementation of FRBR thinking)

RIMMF is not a cataloging tool, because the 'records' we create with it cannot actually be used anywhere (eg., in your ILS). But it does let you apply RDA thinking to resources, and practice making, cloning, and copying WEMI and other RDA entity records, so that you can get a solid idea of how much the RDA way of thinking will change the way we do cataloging, hopefully for the better. In a sense, RIMMF is a prototype and sandbox for how a cataloging interface might look in RDA.

Why use RIMMF? Because just reading about RDA is not inspiring; seeing a bit of RDA in action is what will turn the tide in it's favor. We have a long way to go before we can replace MARC in our complicated cataloging infrastructure, but it is our hope that RIMMF might allow us to visualize a better, simpler way to do cataloging, someday.

How can you try it?

  • Click Login (on the top right of this page), then 'Register' on the page that appears (if you haven't registered)
  • Click 'Download' in the sidebar on the left and follow instructions to install RIMMF
  • Click 'User Guide' in the sidebar for help on using it
  • RIMMF is free, no obligations, no time limit, no annoying forms to fill out, no marketing surveys, no spam
  • Licensing? Click the Creative Commons icon in the bottom bar below
  • Registration will add your email to a mailing list that we will use (no more than four times a year) to inform you about RIMMF software updates; to be removed from this list (but not from the wiki) you may send an email (from the email address that you used to sign up for the wiki) to: rimmf-l-leave@marcofquality.com

Some details about using RIMMF

Find out more about the makers of RIMMF at:

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