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Inevitably, there will be data in MARC that will not map over to RDA, cleanly. Here we will list some of the trickier things we have encountered, as either Outstanding Issue, or Solved Issues.

Outstanding Mapping Issues

Extent quirks

When mapping a MARC bib record with more than one 300 into RDA, RIMMF3 will create a separate Extent statement for each 300, and then attempt to break down the 300 $a into 'Number of units' and 'Type of unit'.

The breakdown works reasonably well, but the resulting grouping of RDA elements needs some improvement. For example, if importing a MARC record with these fields:

300     $a xiii, 273 pages : $b illustrations ; $c 28 cm
300     $a 1 audio disc : $b digital ; $c 4 3/4 in.

RIMMF will generate an RDA construct something like this:

Until we can fix this problem, this import requires a bit of tidying up. The sub-elements that pertain to the audio content need to be dragged out of the first Extent statement and into the second one.

  1. Drag 'Number of units' with '1' and drop it on top of the second Extent statement.
  2. Drag 'Type of unit' with 'audio disc' and drop it on top of the second Extent statement.
  3. Drag 'Dimensions' with ' ' and move it under the second Extent statement.

NOTE Depending on the RIMMF version, you might first have to remove the constraint placed on the sub-element. To do this, goto the Options menu and select Remove element constraints at the bottom of the menu.

The desired result is shown here:

Save the record. Test the re-ordering of the elements by pressing <Ctrl>M to see how they look in an RDA to MARC export.

This issue also illustrates some of the occurrencing problems we might run into in the future when we map out our MARC data to new formats.

600 with subdivisions

RIMMF imports a Bib 600 field as a link to a Person record, either imported from the NAF with other related Authority records, or created as a brief RIMMF record.

But if the 600 field contains subject subdivision subfields ($v$x$y$z) then RIMMF currently drops them.

Solution: We will have RIMMF map 600 as both a link AND a subject heading

Example: LCCN 2013042282

600 10 $a Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra $v Diaries.
600 00 $a Ramakrishna, $d 1836-1886 $x Disciples.
600 00 $a Bhajan, $c Yogi, $d 1929-2004 $x Teachings.
600 00 $a Origen $v Congresses.
600 10 $a Stow, William Hall $v Correspondence.
600 10 $a Moore, Thomas Harrison $x Family.
600 10 $a Cooper, CTM $q (Clementine Thompson Michael) $v Anecdotes.


We need to have RIMMF map 630 as both a link and a subject heading, as per the 600.

Example: LCCN 2013042282

630 00 $a Frozen (Motion picture : 2013) $v Juvenile literature.
630 00 $a Blind men and the elephant $v Adaptations.
630 00 $a Star-spangled banner (Song) $v Juvenile literature.
630 00 $a Beowulf $v Adaptations.
630 00 $a Bible. $p Pentateuch $x Authorship.
630 00 $a Bible. $p Genesis, I, 26-27 $x Theology.

Solved Mapping Issues

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