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Use this option to convert a batch of RIMMF2 records in a specific folder into RIMMF3 records in a new folder.

Quick Steps

  • Choose: Tools | Admin | Import RIMMF2 records
    • The program automatically goes to the RIMMF2 data folder to find the folder of records to be converted, if your records are not in that folder, find the folder that contains the records that you want to convert
    • Select the folder
    • Click <OK>
      • The progress of the conversion process will display in the status bar at the bottom of the menu page
    • Read the pop-up screen to see the results of the conversion process:
      • # of records mapped completely to RIMMF3
      • # of records containing elements that did not map
      • Where to find the log of the elements that did not map (in a file named ‘r2-tor3-log.txt). Make a note of the location of this log, so that you can find the records containing those elements that did not map in the conversion process, and move them over manually
        • Where to store the converted records (“Move converted records to the … folder?”). If you wish to:
          • merge the converted records into your current default RIMMF3 folder, click <Yes>; be careful, this could load duplicates to your existing folder and you will have to delete them manually
          • keep the records in a separate folder, click <No>; this will save the converted records and the conversion log in a separate folder in your current default RIMMF3 folder:
            • Make a note of the location of the converted records, and click <OK>
            • Change the name of the new folder from <converted-…> to your preferred name
            • Move the new folder to where you would like it to be
            • Switch to the new folder, using Change Data Folder
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