How to: Search the Entity Index

At the bottom of the Entity Index (aka the 'EI') you will see the search control, consisting of:

  1. A text box (where you input the value to be searched)
  2. An 'X' button (quick way to clear the text box)
  3. A 'Search' button (executes your search), and
  4. A drop-down arrow button (contains the search options)

To search, enter a word or words that you would like to use as a search

  • Hit <Enter>
  • Note the number of hits, e.g., 4 hits
  • Headings for records that match your search will be highlighted, but you may have to go up and down the page to see them all

To change the search options, click the drop-down arrow (as in the above screenshot).

  • Case sensitive is off if not checked
  • Search Composite key only: limit the search to the 'Composite Key' column of the EI
  • Search Identifiers only: limit the search to LCCNs, ISBNs, and other entity Identifiers
  • Search relationships only: limit the search to RDA relationships
  • Search CK + Identifiers (default): search the 'Composite Key' column of the EI and also search LCCNs, ISBNs, and other entity Identifiers
  • Search Element name or Id: assumes that the text to be searched is
    • a RIMMF Element Id (5 digits)
    • an RDA opaque element Id ('P' + 5 digits)
    • an RDA lexical element name in English
  • Search Whole Record: searches the entire contents of all records, with the following caveats:
    • if searching for an element label, the text should match the current selection in the language options
    • if searching for a vocabulary value
      • the text entered may be either the uri or the label of the item (but again, the latter must match the current language choice)
      • Note: At present, the full text of the vocabulary value must be entered–therefore, searching 'established' will not match 'fully established' in Status of Identification (though it may match 'established' elsewhere in the record text).
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