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A caption is a grouping mechanism for elements (or vocabulary terms) that can help to explain the purpose of the elements that come under it. For example, 'Title of the Work', 'Form of the Work', and 'Date of the Work' are all attributes for identifying a Work, and so might be logically grouped under a caption named 'Attributes for identifying the work':


In RIMMF, captions may only be added to templates.

To add a caption to a template:

  • Put your cursor on the element label that is directly below where you want your new caption to be inserted
  • Press the <Insert> key, then press <Enter>; a new row will be added to the form
  • Begin typing a label for your caption
  • Press <Tab>

Notice that:

  • When you begin typing, a dropdown list of existing elements and captions will appear
  • The program will automatically try to match your typing with an item in the list

For example, as soon as you type 'M', the list searches ahead to the first matching entry:

  • If the list matches what you want, simply press <Tab>, and you are done
  • If the list does not match/you want to create a new caption, keep typing
  • When you are finished typing press <Tab>

The New Element Dialog pops up:

  • Click 'Caption' or press <Alt>C
  • The form switches to tne next page

  • Click 'User' or press <Alt>U
  • Click 'Submit' or press <Enter>
  • The program will close the dialog and register your new caption in the elements table
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