How to: Choose data from a vocabulary list

Quick Steps

If a data element has a vocabulary list, you can enter a term from the list by:

  • clicking on the Text box for the element and either:
    • choosing a term from the list, by:
      • clicking on the down arrow to the right of the text box
      • and either:
        • selecting one of the terms in the list; or
        • beginning to type one of the terms in the list and hitting <Enter>
    • just typing a known term (or the beginning of the term) and hitting <Enter>

If a vocabulary list is open, you can add a local term to the list and use it by:

  • clicking on the Text box for the element and:
    • typing a local term and hitting <TAB>
    • in the pop-up menu that appears:
      • optionally, add a definition of your term
      • ensure that default 'Source of term' choice of 'User' is appropriate
      • click on the <Add> button

If RIMMF does not allow you to type a term that is not on the list provided, then that vocab is 'closed' and you must use one of the terms on the list.

Detailed Steps



At some point, we will have to have a way for you to register new terms at the official RDA Registry, so that you can add them to your own list for the next time, and your new terms will become instantly available for others to use.

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