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What is RIMMF?


  • a visualization tool for catalogers, to help them to get used to thinking RDA, instead of AACR/MARC.
  • a cataloging training tool, to help educators teach RDA thinking

What RIMMF is not

RIMMF is not a cataloging tool, because you cannot export records that can be used in an ILS. You can also not, as yet, import records created by an ILS or other such utility into RIMMF.

Again, the purpose of RIMMF is to help you practice making, cloning, and copying WEMI and other RDA entity records, so that you can get a solid idea of how much the RDA way of thinking will change the way we do cataloging, hopefully for the better.


Why do we need RIMMF? Because just reading RDA or about RDA does not give us a good understanding of how it will actually work; seeing RDA in action is what will turn the tide in it's favor.

We have a long way to go before we can replace MARC in our complicated cataloging infrastructure, but we have to start somewhere; in this spirit, we offer RIMMF, an aid to help catalogers to visualize what cataloging might be like in an RDA future.

RIMMF Structure.

Why “RIMMF”?

The original concept was something like: RDA In Many Metadata Formats.

Some day, it would be nice if RIMMF could automatically produce 'records' in MARC, XML, RDF, etc., :-)

But for now we are concentrating our efforts on an interface to RDA thinking and trying to make sure it is both 'faithful' to the model and 'flexible' enough to be useful to more than one type of user or group.

How do I get RIMMF?

Click current version in the sidebar on the left and follow the steps there.

How much does RIMMF cost?

RIMMF is free; there are no obligations, no time limit, no annoying forms to fill out, no spam, and no marketing surveys.

Is source code available for RIMMF?

No. RIMMF is created with third-party commercial RAD components that we cannot redistribute. licensing

Is there a 'MAC' version?

No, sorry, we only have the resources to develop software on the platform that we know, which is Windows. If we had more resources, we would certainly pursue making RIMMF available as a web app.

Who created RIMMF?

RIMMF was created by Deborah Fritz, after realizing that the main problem with talking RDA was a difficulty visualizing how it might work (some more details on this may be found here). RIMMF was rendered into software by Richard Fritz. Together we are TMQ, Inc. (a.k.a. The MARC of Quality®), and we've been doing things like this since 1992.

You can find out more about us at:


Click here for RIMMF licensing information

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