This page contains links to the installers for the latest beta version of RIMMF.

These links are not recommended for “Jane-athon” attendees that are new to the software and/or uncomfortable with the process of installing software.

Beta version: 170410

We recommend, if you have already worked with RIMMF and created some work that matters to you, that you either use the zip install method, or make a complete copy of your My Documents\RIMMF3 folder (and note which RIMMF3 release you are using) before installing a beta.

This is because using the standard (.EXE) install will typically overwrite your release version of the application. Doing this will not in itself overwrite any data that you have created yourself, but once you start running the program, its possible that changes made in the beta code may begin to creep into the data.


Release 170410

+ Added an option to change the Font on the Rtree.

Release 170402

+ Adds 24 experimental elements at the behest of the AWG Chair

Release 170401

+ Fixes a typo that prevented MARC Tag 362 from mapping to RDA.

+ Fixes some logic that prevented modeOfIssuance from being set to 'serial' in some cases

+ Changes the way the EI is restored when switching between windows. The main difference (apart from improved stability) is that if a filter is set in the EI, and you navigate away from the EI, when you return to the EI, the filter will be cleared.

Note: attempting to restore the EI to its last state has always been problematic in RIMMF. Its a design issue: the EI is used for too many purposes. We will fix that in RIMMF4.

+ We've added documentation to the wiki for the RIMMF Merge Utility

Release 170330

+ Fix for missing main entry heading when exporting an Expression to MARC

+ A bunch of internal changes, made to make the program rely more on element Ids than element names (which as we have seen of late are subject to change)

+ Tutorials 1-10 checked. OK

Release 170325

+ Adds support for Toolkit definitions (up til now, the definitions displayed in RIMMF have been taken from the 'RDA Registry'). Toolkit definitions will now be the default. If you want to change this, goto 'Options|Setup|Languages and labels' on the main menu.

+ Adds a bunch of minor changes to the element labels and names (based on a recent 'article' purge; eg. 'preferredNameForThePerson' is now 'preferredNameForPerson')

+ Many improvements to the 'Element Properties' tool (which is invoked by pressing <Ctrl> P when editing, or by selecting 'Edit|View all elements' from the main menu)

+ Adds support for non-English strings to the Element Properties tool (requires a language be selected on the Language options form)

+ Updates the ISO 15924 termlist (Expression/Script) and fixes a few unicode errors in our implementation of it

+ Fixes an RDF export bug whereby a vocabulary string would be export as “0” if there was no uri for that string

Note: that a set of Greek labels for the Agent class is now available. You do not need this update to get these labels, however. Just update your languages

Release 170305

+ Adds the option to include or exclude empty text rows from the new Excel View output option

Release 170304

+ Adds 'Excel View' to the Options menu of the entity record form.

When you select this option, RIMMF makes a .CSV file of the current entity record and asks Windows to open it (using whatever app is defined for this type of file).

Release 170301

+ The 'WEMI Links' panel at the bottom of the entity form:

  1. might repeat a 'W' or 'E' link if an agent had two or more roles–Fixed
  2. might show links to Works where an Agent appeared as a Subject–Fixed

+ On the R-Tree, the option to Export record was moved to the form top menu (part of more general campaign to clean-up and standardize the forms)

+ Added the new Timespan entity to the templates and main menu

+ Added an option (to the Data Options|Entity form) that modifies how the list of elements is organized when one presses <Insert> while editing an entity.

  1. If 'Show all elements' is selected, then all elements assigned to the entity are displayed (with no attempt to restrict by context)
  2. If 'Indent subproperties' is selected, then subproperties are indented two spaces. This makes a more attractive and easier to navigate list, but it breaks 'type-ahead' (aka incremental search)

+ Changed the default diacritic menu to 'diacritics-common-western'. To activate this on an existing installation, goto Options|Setup|Diacritic menu and press 'Restore default'.

This change was based on feedback from our musical colleagues, who were unable to find the music sharp/flat signs in the current options. The new set of diacritics is based on a scan of many millions of MARC records, from which we pulled out the most frequently occurring UTF-8 codepoints. (And of course, the music signs are among them)

Release 170205

+ Fixes a problem with 'Type of Unit' in the default template for Manifestation

Release 170204

+ Automates discarding an unhandled import if a new import is initiated

Release 170203

+ Add support for Related Corporate Body (which was missing when importing a Corporate Body authority)

Release 170201

+ Changes the way MARC 028 fields are imported in music; with a few exceptions, they will now be imported as IdentifierForTheManifestation.

+ Fixes a bug that caused Agents to import more than once when the same agent in MARC had multiple relationship designators.

+ This release allows the entry of unlinked text into the primary WEMI relationships

Release 170101

+ This release fixes a number of bugs, some fairly obvious, and some that would be apparent when going thru the tutorials on the wiki.

If you have a release dated between 161025 and the present, please update.

After updating, the tutorials, among other things, should work as designed.

We apologize for the problems. We have been working on a new version of RIMMF and neglected to thoroughly check the last bunch of RIMMF3 releases.

Release 161223

+ Fixes an error message that should not have popped up when the program starts

Release 161220

+ When a MARC record encoded for MARC-8 is dragged and dropped onto RIMMF, the program will now try to auto-upgrade the encoding to UTF-8

+ This release includes a first try at checking Variant Access Points for a match during an import; currently the check is limited to Works whose AAPs contain both a Name and a Title.

+ Kind of directly related to the above, when a bib record is imported from MARC and the 245 Indicator 2 is not 0, RIMMF will now automatically generate a Variant title', and that will in turn generate a 'Variant title of the work', and ultimately, a 'Variant Access Point'.

Release 161202

+ IdentifierForTheManifestation is now allowed as an optional AAP component

Release 161201

+ Adds a rudimentary Merge record tool. To use it, goto the EI, select two records that need to be merged (must be same entity) and right-click. At the end of the process, the merged-to record is popped up. If you want to completely undo the process, goto the Edit menu and select Undo merge (requires restart).

+ A few mapping improvements. Better support for 'Related' entities in both directions. Begins to address some of the poor mapping results in the RDA-to-MARC direction (still much to do on the latter).

Release 161122

+ Fixes a bug that caused an infinite loop (symptom: opening an RTree in a small EI)

Release 161120

+ This release adds the following performance improvements

  • Building the EI faster (as much as an order of magnitude) for large data folders
  • RTree 'digs' similary improved
  • Rtree digs no longer hang; RIMMF will tell you if its time to 'dig; something else
  • Using F5 (Relationship menu) no longer hangs (because it is building a separate link-to menu); now this option connects directly to (a filtered view of) the EI

Release 161101

+ Fixes some data problems introduced in one or more of the '1610..' releases; one symptom would be the 'MARC view' of a record is corrupted.

Release 161027

+ This release partly fixes a problem with the 'Set record prefix' form hanging. The problem was caused by a missing dns entry on our server; if you are unable to run this update, the problem will go away (in a day or two) once the nameservers in your locale have been updated.

Release 161025

+ When importing a manifestation that was already present in an EI, the program would (often? always?) fail to match the associated Expression and/or Work if they were present, and present the user with an RTree dialog so they could import the latter. This update remedies that behavior–if a manifestation being imported matches an existing one, the program will pop-up the “This record is already in your EI” dialog, and the Work and Expression (and anything else) will be discarded.

Release 161024

+ Adds program captions for Italian to RIMMF (the Italian translation of the RDA Element sets is in progress)

+ Modifies the captions for the identifier menu (F5) slightly so that they better support translation

+ Adds logic to remove parentheses when importing Manufacture statement data from MARC

+ Fixes a few basic problems in exporting an RDA Work to MARC

Release 161003

+ This release updates the following elements and vocabularies:

  • RDA Aspect Ratio Designation
  • RDA Base Material
  • RDA Cartographic Data Type
  • RDA Generation
  • RDA Layout
  • RDA Production Method
  • RDA Reduction Ration Designation
  • RDA Scale Designation

We have not updated RDA Extent to the new RDA Carrier Extent Unit.

The goal of the update is to keep support for old versions which have been used by RIMMF3 (whether now deprecated, never published, or whatever), while updating our templates to reference the new versions of these vocabularies.

Release 160923

+ Updates TMQ templates to reflect changes in RDA Registry release 2.5.2

+ Fixes a problem that prevented Windows 10 installations from automatically updating the program tables after installing a new version of RIMMF

Release 160920

+ Test of RDA Registry release 2.5.2

Release 160801

+ Fixes an error in the elements table: Music (Work) should be a subproperty of Complemented By (Work)

+ No changes to the program itself

Release 160702

+ Added a 'Windows' menu to every entity document form to ease navigation between open documents

Release 160602

+ Fixes a problem where RIMMF was unable to determine the Content Type, etc., when importing MARC records without the 336, etc., tags. (This problem was introduced by 160601; it isn't present in 160415 and earlier).

Release 160601

+ Changed the mapping from MARC for Tag 505 from 'Container of (Manifestation)' to 'Container of (Work)', which is how we were originally mapping it (until about a year ago).

Note: this is the first published update since 160415

Release 160522

+ This release changes some of the shortcut keys used in RIMMF.

In each case, the change involves a simplification, by removing the need for the 'Alt' key. So, for example, instead of typing <Ctrl><Alt>+H to go to the 'home' window, now just type <Ctrl>+H

Release 160520

+ Fixes a couple of small mapping issues

  1. abbreviations in MARC 300 that were repeated caused duplicate RDA elements. Fixed
  2. if a MARC 245 contains ' / ' but no $c, RIMMF now adds the $c before parsing out the title into RDA elements

+ Removes the aggregate statement 'Title and Resposibility' that was added in release 160430 (it may come back, but we first we need to improve our method for distinguishing aggregated statements from transcribed statements)

Release 160518

+ Fixes a bug in an internal DB routine that may result in erroroneous AAPs after importing a record set.

+ Removes 'Details Of' elements from the default AAP profile for an Expression

Release 160510

+ When viewing records in turtle format, RIMMF generated filenames with the wrong file extension (.nt instead of .ttl). Fixed.

+ Added an option to export entity records to RDF using the RDA unconstrained element set.

Release 160501

+ Moved the menu option 'New template for …' to its own section on the main menu because new users found it easy to confuse 'New record' with 'New template'

+ Duplicated the option to show the list of editing function keys/shortcuts to the main menu, for consistency with the other menus

+ Added a 'Windows' menu to each entity record. This will make it easier for users to find/navigate to other open records (this menu is a copy of the 'windows' menu on the main form, but since the main form is usually buried under other windows, having the list of open windows there wasn't that helpful). In addition, a link to get back to the RIMMF main menu ('the little house') will be included at the top of each windows menu.

+ Removed 'Import RDF' from the main menu. We may get back to this in a later version.

Note: A suggestion was made at the Selma-athon that we should offer an option to Tile open entity record windows. Window management is a particular issue during an X-Athon, with everyone working on a small laptop screen. But after looking into this, I decided it wasn't the best solution: tiling re-sizes every window on the desktop, which means the user will then have to spend time re-sizing them back. By the way, tiling (and more) is supported natively by windows: right-click on the Task Bar and you will see 3 or 4 different options to arrange your desktop windows.

Release 160430

+ This release adds a RIMMF element labelled 'Title And Responsibility' statement. It is designed to use the same 'aggregation' method as is used by other aggregated statements (Publication statement, Edition statement, Extent, etc.)

+ This releasse removes 'other' and 'unspecified' from the Content Type, Media Type, and Carrier Type vocabulary lists

+ A few minor changes have been made to the 'Download web folder' tool interface

Release 160415

+ Fixes a problem that might occur after changing the program language: if followed by an action that required RIMMF to restart itself, the change would be lost.

+ When launched from a modal form, a popup dialog might appear behind the form, causing the program to appear to be locked up; the bad behavior is random and may affect one installation but not another; this update identifies situations where this issue might occur and changes the method used to generate the popup (which appears to solve the problem)

Release 160403

+ Fixes a backward compatibility issue with the uri we used (in the past) for the Language of Expression value

+ Fixes a problem with cloning and the new 'Keep Relationships' option–keeping relationships could cause an A/V if an entity to which the cloned record linked was open in RIMMF

+ Fixes a problem with the 'Discard' button (which appears at the top of the record during a clone or import); when pressed, it did not correctly remove inverse links (this problem has been present for quite some time)

+ The 'Insert Any' option (on right-click menu) has been renamed simply 'Insert'. It will now work the same as pressing the <Ins> key does.

+ Up to the present time, when generating a new template for a Manifestation, RIMMF would populate it with two sets of elements for 'Extent'; one as defined by the RDA Registry, and one as defined by RIMMF. Beginninng with this update, either the RDA or the RIMMF Extent elements will be added (determined by the 'Profile' in force).

+ This update revives the behavior that RIMMF formerly used for Related Work/Numbering of Part (the latter is treated in the interface as if it were a subproperty of the former).

Note: This behavior is not modeled on the RDA Registry. But RIMMF needs a way to join a 'Numbering' statement to a specific 'Related Work', and this solves that problem. In addition, we've now made it possible to add Numbering of Part as a simple element of Work (which was not possible before). In either case, however, the data output by RIMMF is fully RDA-compliant.

Release 160402

+ Fixes three problems where the current version of RIMMF operates differently than described in the tutorials:

In tutorial #2, RIMMF did not automatically make the backlink from Author to the Work. Fixed

In tutorial #3, RIMMF mistook an Expression for a Work! Fixed. (This was caused by a typo in the changes made to 'Language of Expression' processing in 160326)

In tutorial #7, RIMMF matched the author even though the MARC record being imported lacked the author's dates. (This expanded matching is an item under development and we added an option that turns it off by default)

Release 160401

+ Fixes a bug where a resource was freed and then accessed again, causing an access violation. (The symptom would be to run consecutive tasks that each depended on an unzip operation; eg. 'Update language data' followed by 'Download web folder')

+ Fixes a minor annoyance whereby changing the preferred program language would mess up the font of the status bar

Release 160331

+ This update includes RDA Registry version 2.4.3 (and also includes a couple of omissions in RIMMF re: RDA Registry version 2.4.2)

+ Fixes a problem with the '@prefix' list being repeated for every entity record in a .ttl display

+ The option to change the preferred program language was reset each time the program closed. Fixed.

+ When changing language and label options, the confirmation message was not very accurate. Fixed.

+ This version of RIMMF changes how element labels are capitalized.

This is a bit of sticky wicket since labels in the RDA Registry are not capitalized, whereas the labels in the RDA Toolkit are–depending on the language–capitalized to various degress. We have taken the approach to use 'startcase' as a default, but include options for: titlecase, lowercase, and uppercase. Note that the capitalization (or not) of labels is now a machine process in RIMMF, so there may be some imperfections in the result.

Release 160328

+ Spanish element labels have arrived! –Thanks to the RDA Registry, version 2.4.3

+ Removed Spanish labels from the test language package

+ Added automatic fallback to download of registry data (in case .zip is being blocked; RIMMF now retries to fetch the language data as a textfile)

Release 160326

+ When saving a template, vocab strings were being saved instead of things. Fixed

+ Updated all of the templates (where applicable) so that they can be used with any language

+ Changing the Preferred language for the program menus (beta) might not work sometimes. Fixed

+ Changed the three filenames used for the default diacritic menus (in response to problems reported in Windows 8.1)

+ Overhauled the mapping from MARC to RDA Language of Expression

+ Fixes a problem with about a dozen duplicate language strings being displayed in the Language of Expression dropdown.

NB. If, after this update, you find that an entity record displays a uri for a language instead of a string, re-enter that language using the drop down list and save the record.

Release 160325

+ Added some options to the .ini to support specifying a username and password to a proxy server

Release 160324

+ Fixes a bug that might trip up the program if it came across the name of a language in lowercase (eg. 'anglais'). This bug was introduced in release 160312. This bug triggers an exception, not seen by the user, so please update if you have an affected version.

+ Fixes the problem in 'OPAC view' that caused diacritics to display badly. (This had nothing to do with unicode, and everything to do with our forgetting to add a proper HTML header specifying the charset in use)

Release 160323

+ Adds Spanish captions for the several program menus, and French captions for the main menu (beta only). Goto 'Language options' to activate

Release 160322

+ Test compilation to support running RIMMF directly on OSX via WINE (beta only)

Release 160321

+ The last release fixed a problem with the RTree not updating after a change to a record on the desktop, but the fix made it possible for a more serious problem to arise. So if you installed 160319, its important to run the current update (160321)

Release 160319

+ Adds new elements (21) included in RDA Registry version 2.4.2. For details on the changes, http://www.marcofquality.com/wiki/rimmf3/doku.php?id=details:rdaregchanges}check here

+ Authorized access points in the EI would display the uri instead of the label for Language of Expression. Fixed

+ When importing a record for a person, '?' would be removed from birth and death dates. Fixed

+ Enhances the 'Clone record' menu option to allow retaining relationship links. (So there are now two clone options: 1. Remove relationships, and 2. Keep relationships)

+ Fixes a problem with capitalization in the French translation of RIMMF-specific elements

+ Added a MARC mapping for music records from 546$b to Form Of Musical Notation.

+ Removed the menu items for switching the label style (Toolkit/Registry) from the entity record menu. If you want to change label style, you can still do this here: MainMenu|Setup|Language and Label options.

+ Improved the stats for the Language and Label options that report the number of vocabulary items that are available for each lanuguage.

+ The following terms were added to the Extent vocabulary: unnumbered leaf of plates, unnumbered page, unnumbered page of plates

Release 160305

+ French element labels have arrived! –Thanks to the RDA Registry, version 2.4.2

+ Element definitions other than English did not display. Fixed

+ Adds translation support for RIMMF-specific elements (elements needed by RIMMF that are not defined in RDA)

+ Adds support for deprecating individual languages in the language test package (because once they are published in the Registry, we need to stop using the data from the test package)

+ Fixes a few minor problems in the language support for vocabulary terms

+ Deleting the user locale file from the 'tables' folder would cause an A/V (instead of reverting back to English). Fixed

+ Adds support for Scope notes in the RDA value vocabularies

+ Adds a menu option (to the entity record indicator menu) to display the RDA definition (and scope note) of a value vocabulary term

+ Clicking on the indicator menu when viewing an entity record which is being imported could cause a bit of a crash–Fixed.

RIMMF wiki and download: http://www.rimmf.com/wiki

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