Using RIMMF. Tutorial #5, Import a Bib record for a Manifestation of a different Expression

In this tutorial, we are going to learn about importing another RIMMF Manifestation record when its Work record is already in the EI, but the Manifestation needs a new Expression record.

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  Composite Key                                              Entity
  Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984                               Person
  Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Herb of grace                Work
  Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Eliots of Damerosehay saga   Work
  Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Herb of grace. German        Expression
  Pilgerherberge : Roman. Morgarten Verlag. [1949]. Volume   Manifestation 
  Scarpi, N. O., 1888-1980                                   Person 
  Kahn, Harry, 1883-1970                                     Person 

Alternate: Use a pre-built folder

If you want to jump to this tutorial without doing the previous tutorials, follow the "Download Web Folder" instructions and download the following folder from our website:

If you intend to use this file to proceed through the remaining tutorials, 
  remember that it is located in your '\RIMMF3\imports\zip' folder.


Import Another Bib record for a Manifestation

Find and View the Manifestation Record for Importing

  • <F3>
  • Change the Search Source to '[BIB]Title'
  • Search: Herb of grace
  • Select the 'Servant Publications' version
  • Click <Import>
The Work and Author headings in the R-Tree are unchecked
  indicating that matching records are already in your EI,
  based on matching AAP.
The Expression heading is checked,
  indicating that no matching heading for the expression
  could be found in your EI, based on its AAP. 

But, notice the asterisk(*) by the Expression label
  which indicates that, in addition, 
  no matching authority record could be found in the NAF
  for the expression, based on its AAP;
  and so RIMMF has *created* an Expression record
  from the data it can glean from the Bib record. 
  • Click the down arrow by the <Import> button
    • Select <Selected records>
    • Click <OK> for '2 records imported'
  • Close the R-Tree
  • Open the EI <Ctrl+E>

Edit the Manifestation Record

  • Double-click on the “Pilgrim's Inn” heading
Notice the 'Note on Manifestation': 
  "Book 2, The Eliot heritage"--Cover

This is a series title, 
  and under RDA can be entered as a Series Statement 
  without having to say anything about its source, 
  since the cover is "another source within the resource itself" 
  (as per RDA
  • Click on the 'Note on Manifestation' for the series
    • <F4>
  • Type as Label: Series
    • <Tab>
  • Type as 'Title Proper of Series': The Eliot heritage
    • <Enter>
  • Type as 'Numbering within Series': Book 2
    • <Enter>
  • Return to the 'Note on Manifestation' for the series and click on it, and:
  • Save the record <Ctrl+S>
Before you forget, go to the Work record
  and add the series as a Related Work.
  • Click the [W] button
  • Put your cursor on the last element
  • Insert a new row <F4>
  • Type Related Work as the Element Label
    • <Tab>
  • Click on the Related Work label
    • <F7>
      • Expand <Whole-Part Relationship>
      • Expand <Contained In (Work)>
      • Select <In Series>
  • Click <Save>
  • Try to find a NACO Authority record for the series
    • <F3>
  • Change Search Source to: [NAF]N/T
  • Search: Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984. Eliot
Notice that RIMMF says we already have a record
  in the EI, that is a keyword match for what we searched: 
  "1:RIMMF EI" in blue
  • Click on the blue notification
This takes us to the EI, where we see one heading highlighted,
  but it is for a different title.

Leaving aside the question of whether we can or cannot
  simply add the different title as a Variant Title
  to this series work, we will call what we have a new series.
Give up on finding a NACO Authority record for the series
  • Go back to the Work record
    • With the cursor still on the 'In Series' Text box:
      • <F5>
      • Select <Create new Work>
      • Select the <work template TMQ.aSimple.txt> template
This is a much simpler template than before,
  and we are going to use it to make another very brief Work record
  for this series.
We know 4 things about this series:
  1. Its title 
  2. Its author
  3. Its Form of Work: Series
  3. Its series number
  • Click on the Text box for 'Preferred Title for the Work'
    • Enter: Eliot heritage
  • Click on the Text box for 'Form of Work'
    • Enter: Series
  • Click on the Element Label for 'Creator'
    • Change it to 'Author'
  • Right-click on the Text box for 'Author'
    • Select <Link to (EI)>
    • Double-click: Goudge, Elizabeth, 1900-1984
  • Click on the Text box for 'Authorized Access Point' to autofill the AAP for the Work
  • Click on the Text box for 'Status of Identification'
    • Select <fully established>
  • Click on the Text box for 'Source Consulted'
    • Enter: Pilgrim's Inn, 1993
  • Click on the Text box for 'Numbering of Part'
    • Enter: Book 2
  • Save the record <Ctrl+S>

View the R-Tree for your set

  • In the “Eliot heritage” record:
    • Double-click on the 'Series Container Of' heading, to go back to the “Herb of grace” Work record
  • Save the “Herb of grace” record <Ctrl+S>
  • Click the button for the <R-Tree>
  • Expand the 'Series Container Of'
Notice the heading for the German Expression
  shows the language of the expression "German";
  and the heading for the English Expression
  shows the language of the expression "English";

In older versions of RIMMF, the default AAP qualifier in an Expression
  was "Content Type" instead of "Language of Expression";
In this case you might need to return to the Expression records
  and tick the AAP checkboxes for Language of Expression
  in order to add a language term to the AAP.

End this Tutorial

  • Close everything

If you are finished playing with RIMMF for now, close RIMMF. If you want to proceed, go to Tutorial #6

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