List of deprecated elements in the RDA Registry

This is a list of deprecated elements1) in the RDA Registry by registry version.

This is an unoffical list and not intended to be authoritative; for complete details, refer to the github links at the top of each section below.

2.0.0 Deprecated elements

Deprecated in RDA Registry 2.0.0


2.2.2 Deprecated elements

Deprecated in RDA Registry 2.2.2


2.3.0 Deprecated elements

Deprecated in RDA Registry 2.3.0


2.5.0 Deprecated elements

Deprecated in RDA Registry 2.5.0


2.5.1 Deprecated elements

Deprecated in RDA Registry 2.5.1


Note for MARC Users

There are a variety of reasons as to why an element might be deprecated. In most of the cases listed on this page that are concerned with relationships, the deprecation is a result of a correction/re-think/enhancement, etc., to the linked data semantics of the element's properties.

With this in mind, and since:

  1. MARC does not yet have a way to enter a uri for a relationship term, and
  2. The term used in the RDA Toolkit appendices for the relationship designator has not changed

–it is safe to say that of all of the deprecated relationship terms listed on this page, only four are relevant to current MARC usage:


Graphical timeline

Graphical timeline of RIMMF3* release dates and RDA Registry versions

* RIMMF1 (released June 2011) and RIMMF2 (released June 2013) were based primarily on mining the RDA Toolkit; it was not until RIMMF3 that we made a conscientious attempt to implement the RDA registry (and not until RIMMF4 until this objective was fully realized).

Other lists

“deprecated” is similar to the MARC concerpt of “obsolete”
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