RDA Toolkit access in RIMMF

All elements used in RIMMF contain direct links to the corresponding documentation in the RDA Toolkit.

To tell RIMMF how to access the toolkit, follow these steps:

Select 'Tools|Setup|Set toolkit access method' from the main menu:

This will open the following form:

If your access to the RDA Toolkit is through an institutional subscription, select the top option. In this case, no credentials are needed to access the RDA Toolkit.

If your access to the RDA Toolkit is through a self-purchased subscription, or if you are accessing the Toolkit 'on the road' away from your usual location, then you should select the second option, and enter your toolkit username and password in the box below. RIMMF will supply your credentials whenever it makes a request to the RDA Toolkit.


In either type of access method, if you are using the built-in browser to access the RDA Toolkit, RIMMF will log out of the toolkit whenever you close the program, to avoid tying up connections that are not in use.

On the other hand, if you are using the built-in browser to access the RDA Toolkit, and the username/password does not appear to be working (i.e. you are directed to a login page), try:

  • open Internet Explorer, navigate to the RDA Toolkit, and make sure you can login manually. Then close IE, and try using RIMMF to access the toolkit again (by clicking on a Instruction link)
  • turning the 'Built-in browser' option off (main menu|Options). RIMMF will then use your default browser to access the Toolkit.

Why might these workarounds solve the problem? The 'built-in browser' used by RIMMF is an implementation of the base IE module installed on all windows computers. So logging in with IE may simply generate a cookie needed for automatic login to work in RIMMF; while not being able to login with IE indicates a probable conflict with the default privacy settings.

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