Record Menu: View Menu: Autosize columns to fit

This option automatically sizes the RIMMF record columns so that they all fit nicely within the form.

This option is true by default.

When this option is enabled, it will be applied any time you resize the form by grabbing the bottom right corner. If you do not like that behavior, then turn this option off and adjust the columns manually (see note below).

You can get an idea of what a form will look like with and without this option by using the following trick:

  • open a record
  • go to the View menu and enable 'Autosize columns to fit'
  • click (and hold the mouse down) on the bottom right corner of the record form

The form should jump to the non-autosized view each time the mousebutton is pressed down, and to the autosized view each time the mouse is released.


You may also adjust columns widths yourself simply by dragging your mouse over the | in the column band until the sizing control appears, then drag it to the left or the right to adjust the column width:

View the following topic to Change what columns are displayed

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