RIMMF Changes


+Copyright symbol : Shift+F1 +Phonogram: SHift+F2 (wont display correctly)


+Adds new 'Document Mode' under Edit menu: Element Set, Template, or Record 'Mode'

+Adds editability to Rules column in Master mode

+Adds functional 'Re-open' menu to File menu

+Records now all saved to the same folder: 'Data'


+New terminology in program menus: Master Set, Template, Records


+Adds option to set default templates (when pressing 'New')

+Fixes rules where 0 was dropped


+Adds automatic identifier linking when selecting 'Create new …' from a right-click

+Adds unliked identifier and empty document clean-up

+Improves 'Copy' function so that new element is added next to the old one

+Hopefully fixes recent template kerfluffle with identfier names

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