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This option is invoked from Record Menu | View

This option controls the display of the authorized access point in a RIMMF Identifier element.

In brief, RIMMF Identifiers are control numbers that link records to one another. On their own, as shown in the snippet for a manifestation below, they do not provide very much information for the cataloger (though they are essential for the system):

Note that the access point in these elements is read-only and for display purposes only–there is no way that you can edit this information (in the normal sense of the word).

To make this data (arguably the most important data in an RDA record) more meaningful, we have two ways of enhancing its display in RIMMF.

The first, which is the default, is to embed the accesss point of the record being linked-to in the text column itself, using a special font for emphasis:

The second way is to display only the RIMMF Identifier (as in the first screenshot, above), but to 'pop-up' the access point as windows help hint whenever you drag the mouse over one of these identifier elements:

Note that in the second case, you do not need to click on the cell–simply move the mouse over any portion of it.

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