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This option allows you to set defaults for individual Leader and 008 elements when mapping RDA element data to MARC element data.

The System tab allows you to:

  • Customize data for the following MARC fields:
    • 001 (Control number)
    • 003 (Control number identifier)
    • 005 (System date & time)
    • 008 (Fixed-length data elements)–default data can be set in the 008 tab
    • 040:
      • $a$c (who created the record)
      • $e (Language of cataloging)–defaulted at 'eng'
      • $e (Description conventions)–defaulted at 'rda'
  • Change the following in MARC Views within RIMMF:
    • the character used for a subfield delimiter
    • spacing after indicators
    • spacing around subfields

To be completed later

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