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This option is currently under development, so the information provided on this page is not yet complete, and will change, often.

This utility allows you to customize the language used for the display of the Element Labels and the controlled terms provided in a pull-down list for an element that uses an official RDA value vocabulary. It also allows you to choose to display RDA Registry labels (e.g., Has Title Proper) instead of the (default) RDA Toolkit labels (e.g., Title Proper)

You must close all open records and RIMMF editors before running this utility.

Quick Steps

  • Close all open records and RIMMF functions, except the Main Menu
  • At the Main Menu:
    • Choose Options | Setup | Set language and labels
    • To change the language of the displays of element labels and controlled terms:
      • The first time that you change the Preferred Language, click the <Update language data> button first; also click this button if you haven't done an update recently
      • Choose a language from the <Preferred Language> list
      • To change the menu captions used by RIMMF, choose one of the available Preferred Program Language options
      • Ensure that the <Use Language test package> button is ticked
      • Click <Save>
      • To display RDA Registry labels instead of RDA Toolkit labels:
        • Click the <RDA Registry> button
      • To display RDA Toolkit labels instead of RDA Registry labels:
        • Click the <RDA Toolkit> button
    • Click <OK> for the message “… data items for … installed”
    • Click <OK> for the message “The EI will now be rebuilt” (this might take awhile, depending on the size of your entity index)
    • Click <OK> for the message “EI Rebuild complete”
  • Open your Entity Index to see the change in displays
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