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There is limited support for printing in RIMMF.

Quick Steps

  • In a record that you wish to print:
    • Choose File | Print; or press <Ctrl+Alt+P>


If you do use this 'File|Print' command, RIMMF will scrape the element labels and text from the current input form, and send something like this to the printer:

RIMMF Identifier †: qpq00000987
Title Proper: Death of a fool
Statement of Responsibility Relating to Title Proper: Ngaio Marsh
Designation of Edition: New Jove edition
Place of Publication: New York, NY
Publisher's Name: Jove Books
Date of Publication: 1981
Copyright Date: ©1951
Mode of Issuance: single unit
Media Type: unmediated
Carrier Type: volume
Number of units †: 288
Extent of Text: pages
Dimensions: 18 cm
Composite Key †: Death of a fool. Jove Books. 1981. volume
Expression Manifested\RIMMF Identifier †: Marsh, Ngaio, 1895-1982. Death of a fool. Text ‹qpq00000989›

Only the 'Element Label' and 'Text' columns will be printed. Elements that do not contain data will not be printed.

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