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Use this menu option to create a new template.

Quick steps

  1. Choose 'File | New Template for …'
  2. Select the appropriate Entity
  3. In the default template that opens, choose 'File | Save As …'
  4. Give the new template an explanatory name, always beginning with the name of the Entity, e.g., Expression template.Audio
  5. Save your template before closing it, with: <Ctrl +S>

Detailed Steps

If you want to create a new template, the 'New Template for …' option allows you to choose the Entity type for the template and customize the default template for that Entity.

  • Choose 'File | New Template for …'
  • Select the appropriate Entity:
    • Work
    • Expression
    • Manifestation
    • Item
    • Person
    • Family
    • Corporate body

This opens the default template for the Entity that you picked. The default templates are named as follows:

work template TMQ.txt
expression template TMQ.txt
manifestation template TMQ.txt

You should immediately save the default template as a new file. To do this, select 'File|Save As …' and assign the new file an explanatory name. We recommend always beginning with the name of the Entity and “template” (e.g., Manifestation template.LP).

If you forget to rename the template, any changes made will be lost the next time you use this menu option.

Once you rename your new template, you can start customizing it, and any changes that you made or make in the future, for your new template, will appear any time you use that template.

Save the template before you close it, using <Ctrl+S>

If you want to create a new template based on a previous template that has aspects that you would like to copy, then you should start from that existing template instead of from a default template. See How to Copy a Template.

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