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Here is a list of all of the Main menu options

This menu is used to create or open a record or a template.

There are two options for 'editors' here, one for Elements and the other for Vocabularies:

The 'Element' editor is an interface to change the properties of the elements defined in RIMMF.

The 'Vocabulary' editor is an interface to change the properties and terms used by vocabularies defined in RIMMF.

The options menu contains options that affect the program as a whole:

Use built-in browser

If this box is checked, RIMMF will use its own browser to navigate web-links, otherwise it will use your default browser.

RIMMF comes with its own web browsing tool, which may be used for browsing the RDA Toolkit, the MARC documentation at LC, and links to other external source like The advantages of this browser are that it is extremely lightweight. The disadvantages are that it does not have any of the options that would be available in a mainstream browser.

Element set versions

This item opens a page that allows you to customize which element sets (default lists of elements that are distributed with RIMMF) the program will use. The page is still somewhat under construction, and should not be used unless we advise you to do so.

Enable DB Navigator

As part of our goal to make RIMMF as transparent as possible, all of the tables that are used by RIMMF can be exposed by selecting this option. Once that is done, and the program is restarted, you will be able to browse the RIMMF tables using sophisticated grid controls.

Restore view defaults

This option will clear the settings that RIMMF uses when it displays a record. For more information about these settings, follow this link.

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