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This option allows you to customize the levels of elements that you see in a record or template display, which can sometimes help you to see what is going on more clearly.

Quick Steps

While in a record or template:

  • Choose: View | Expand to Level

Detailed Steps

If you ever want to compress the levels of elements shown in a display, to fit more on a screen and see the bigger picture, or want to expand the levels of elements, to see more details, then, while in a record or template:

  • Choose: View | Expand to Level

With 'Expand to Level' set at the top level ('0'), you will see only the Entity Name for the record; this is the equivalent to collapsing all levels of the display (see Option | Expand/Collapse All).

At level '1', you will see only the elements at the next level down. For example, this screenshot shows a work template that uses captions to groups all of the elements into their specific FRBR functions:

Here is level '2' of the same work template:

Level '3' would expand the remaining [+] collapsed element shown above, e.g.,'Title of the Work'.

You can expand up to the 7th level in a record or template, although it is unlikely that you will find a record or template that goes to that depth of levels unless you have added many caption levels to organize the elements in your templates.

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