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This option opens the following form:

You may customize the Font properties, and the background colors, for the various levels, separately, or setup one style and apply it to all levels (the default).

These customizations are controlled by the View menu's 'Highlight levels' option, which acts as an 'on/off' switch for your customizations. Thus, you can setup some customizations on this form, and then turn them on or off when viewing records by toggling the 'Highlight…' option:


The options on this page do not affect the Text column (ie. the data entry column). To change the font of the Text column, use the 'Font' option.

To see how a customization will look, make your changes (by pressing the Font button, setting the background color, etc.) then press 'Apply'. The Edit area on the left will then be redrawn to show your customization:

As you can see by the screenshot, and the snapshot of the result below, this is not the best option for those of us who lack a sense of color coordination :-(

If you make a mess of it, like I did, either turn off Highlight levels in the 'View' menu, or just press the 'Reset to default' button on (the bottom left of) the customization form.

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