Jane-A-Thon Notes


We look forward to meeting you at the next 'Jane-athon' gathering (where 'jane-athon' is intended as a generic name for an all-day RDA hack-athon using RIMMF).

A Brief History

We've been present at the following Jane-athons.

  • RDA-Athon, LAC, Ottawa, Canada, January, 2017 (assorted Canadiana)
  • Kiviathon, National Library of Finland, Helsinki, November, 2016 (Aleksis 'Kivi')
  • Lang-athon, ALA Annual, Orlando, June, 2016 ('Lang' as in multilingual)
  • Rigathon, Latvijas Nacionālā bibliotēka, Rīga, May, 2016 (Vaira Vīķe-Freiberga)
  • Selmathon, Kungl. biblioteket, Stockholm, May, 2016 ('Selma' Lagerlöf)
  • Cerv-athon, BNE, Madrid, April, 2016 ('Cerv' as in Cervantes)
  • Thing-athon, ALA Midwinter, Harvard, January, 2016 (aka 'Things and/or Strings')
  • RLS-athon, NLS, Edinburgh, November, 2015 ('RLS' = Robert Louis Stevenson)
  • Maurice Ball, NLNZ, Wellington, October, 2015 ('Maurice' Gee)
  • Jane-athon II, ALA Annual, San Francisco, June, 2015 (aka the 'Jane-In')
  • Ag-athon I, London, May, 2015 ('Ag' as in Agatha Christie)
  • Jane-athon I, ALA Midwinter, Chicago, January, 2015

<!– Here are some future “Jane-athons” that we hope to attend: –>

This is not a complete list, just the ones Deborah attended. For more complete, detailed information, visit the R-Balls page

How to get the most from your day

  • Update your RIMMF to the latest version, or the version specified by the event coordinator. Check the What's New link on the page that sent you here, and follow the update instructions.
  • Do the tutorials! The tutorials are carefully designed to teach you as much about RIMMF in as short a time as possible (about 2-3 hours). Why? The Jane-athons are not about RIMMF. They are about exploring RDA; RIMMF just happens to be the tool.

If you need any help with installation, or if you find a problem, please get in touch via email.

Deborah Fritz
Richard Fritz

Click here to open a contact form.

PS. Please provide a list of steps needed to reproduce the problem if you are reporting a software issue.

Issues, Answers, Misc.

Parallel Relationships do not import

By “parallel” or 'horizontal' relationships, we mean things like Related Work, Related Person, etc. (as opposed to vertical relationships, i.e.. those within the 'WEMI stack', like Expression Of Work, Work Expressed, etc.). This is an issue that we know about (see, for instance, our presentation at 2014 ALA: "What is an RDA record") and have intentionally not handled…yet. Feel free to bring it up for discussion. For more information see Gordon Dunsire's slides on the same topic (in the ALA section)

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