How to use a RIMMF r-ball

If you have been sent a RIMMF r-ball as a zip file, or a link to a RIMMF r-ball, then, at the Main Menu:

  • Close all open records and RIMMF functions, except the Main Menu
  • Select Tools | Download web folder
  • Select the r-ball:
    • Enter URL: [URL or link location of RIMMF-ball]; or
    • Drag and drop a RIMMF-ball zip file onto the input form
  • Choose to “Add MARC source records” during import if you want to be able to see the source MARC21 records attached to the file (highly recommended)
  • Change to the “imports” data folder when prompted.
  • The data folder is downloaded and unzipped and ready for use
    • It is available for later use in: \Documents\RIMMF3\imports\zip\
    • If you download a RIMMF-ball data folder with the same name again, the newly downloaded folder will replace the previous version, unless you have either renamed the previous folder, or moved it from the “imports” folder
    • Follow the Change data folder instructions in the User Guide if you want to return to the folder at a later time
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