How to: Import MARC

You can import MARC records to RIMMF in two ways:

  1. Dragging and dropping a single MARC record saved on your desktop or in a folder

Drag and drop MARC to RIMMF

First you have to find the MARC record that you wish to import. You can go directly to your source of records, or you can use the Links button in the <F3> menu.

Once you have found your record, save it (either as Unicode or UTF-8) to somewhere where you can find it easily (e.g., your Desktop)

To import that record into RIMMF:

  • Find the record
  • Drag and drop the record onto the RIMMF Main form
    • a single record, or an Import R-Tree will appear, as appropriate
  • Click the down arrow by the <Import> button
    • Select <Selected records>
    • Click <OK>
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