Copy a Template

Copy a Template: Quick Steps

  • Choose 'File|Open|Template'
  • Select and open the appropriate Entity folder
  • Select and open the template you want to copy
  • Save the existing template as a new file using 'File|Save As'
  • Give the new template an explanatory name, always beginning with the name of the Entity, e.g., Expression template.Audio
  • Customize your new template

Copy a Template: Detailed Steps

If you want to create a new template based on a previous template that has aspects that you would like to copy, then you should start from that existing template instead of from a default template.

1. Choose: File|Open|Template

2. Select the appropriate template folder and click <Open> (or double-click on the folder)

3. Select the template you want to copy and click <Open> (or double-click on the filename)

4. Save the template that opens as a new file using: File|Save As …

Give the new file an explanatory name; begin with the name of the Entity and “template” (e.g., Manifestation template.LP); you could also include the name of the copied template, to group similar templates.

You can use customized templates to add constant data to records for a particular type of entity, e.g., large print data for all large print manifesations; or to a particular batch of records, e.g., manifestation records sharing the same publisher.

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