RIMMF menus in your language

NB. This page is talking about the program menus, not the list of RDA Elements.

If you are interested in translations of the RDA Elements, please contact Jamie Hennelly at ALA Digital Reference, or the RSC Chair, Gordon Dunsire.


The template is available as an Excel spreadsheet here.

The template contains three columns.

Column1 contains an identifier for the menu item in RIMMF

Column 2 contains the English label for the menu item.

Column 3 is empty–this is where you should enter your translation

At present (March 2016), the menu item list is incomplete, but it does include the menu items from the two main forms used in the program.

Please, do not sort the template.


The list of menu items follows the way the program opens and is organized into sections:

1. Main menu

2. Entity record menu

3. Indicator context menu
(right-click on the indicator column)

4. Identifier context menu
(right-click on the identifier text)

The items in the list for the two main menus (#1 and #2) follow this order:

  • Start with 'File', then
  • Proceed from top to bottom; when you reach the end,
  • Goto the next menu item on the right ('Edit'), and
  • Repeat the process

The menu items that appear in context menus when running the program will change somewhat according to the … context.

Some items are blocked out in the 'Your language' column: these should not be translated.

Please, do not sort the template.


Please email questions about the menu items, completed translations, etc., to: richard<at>rimmf.com

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