RIMMF3 and Unicode

We are currently working on a Unicode version of RIMMF3 and it is almost ready to go. 1)

When the Unicode version is ready it will replace the current one. There will be no difference in functionality–other than the fact that Unicode data will display properly.

In the meantime, all diacritics are being escape encoded 2). For example:


will display in RIMMF3 as:




encoding the combining umlaut or diaeresis.

To add diacritics to your data manually, each character should be entered as follows:

\u + the UTF-16 code of the character in hexadecimal (4 characters)

You can find these hexadecimal codes in many places on the web; the one we use is http://www.fileformat.info/

We would recommend not using the Windows method for direct entry of diacritics in the interim.

All that remains to do is evaluate a few hundred compiler warnings, each of which takes about a minute or two. ETA for this work is early spring 2015.
which is probably a good way to store this data, even in a Unicode application
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