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Recently Deborah found a set of (possible) sub-elements (about 50) that are not accounted for in the Toolkit Element Set View (ESV), or the OMR, or RIMMF. As she said in an email:

I'm doing an audio CD that is a “digitally mastered, analog recording”. It is very messy to explain this using AACR/MARC, but once you know how, it can be done.

In the RDA instructions, we have:

Type of Recording:     Digital    3.16.2

And then, under, Details of Type of Recording, we have a nice example:

"Made from an analog original".

But we have no *element* in which I can enter 'Details of Type of Recording'. And no note that could cover this type of thing (3.22.1)

There are a large number (about 50) of instructions/elements in Ch. 3 and others in Ch. 7 that have a sub-instruction (sub-element?) beginning “Details of…”

There is still the question: how is this type information meant to be entered? I do not believe it can be entered in the same container as the 'parent', e.g.:

Type of Recording:     Digital. Made from an analog original

Doing it that way, would mess up the pull-down vocabulary that has been provided for that element, and would interfere with the retrieval possibilities for that element.

Perhaps it should be something like this:

We have added these 'Details of' elements to RIMMF (in release 120904), as in the 'sub-element' example above. Perhaps in a future version we can improve on how things like this are handled.

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