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 **Some details about using RIMMF** **Some details about using RIMMF**
   *[[rimmfstructure|RIMMF Structure]]    *[[rimmfstructure|RIMMF Structure]] 
-  *[[http://www.marcofquality.com/presentations/RRDA/RIMMF.a.Resource/player.html|RIMMFing a Resource (a webcast tutorial)]]+  *[[https://www.marcofquality.com/presentations/RRDA/RIMMF.a.Resource/player.html|RIMMFing a Resource (a webcast tutorial)]]
   *[[details:rimmfingsteps|How to RIMMF a Resource: Step-by-Step]]   *[[details:rimmfingsteps|How to RIMMF a Resource: Step-by-Step]]
   *[[howto:buildWEM|How to 'Build WEM']]   *[[howto:buildWEM|How to 'Build WEM']]
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 Find out more about the makers of RIMMF at:\\ Find out more about the makers of RIMMF at:\\
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